How I Use My Facial Steamer

Whenever I am in the mood for a really great treatment for my face, I pick my KINGA Nano Ionic Facial Steam Humidifier and put it to work. I absolutely love this little machine, because it really helps me keep my face clean and young looking, without having to pay for expensive anti-aging creams and visits to the spa. It was not easy to decide one a good facial steamer but after reading numerous facial steamer reviews, I decide on the Kinga Nano.

  Here is how I use it and why I love it so much.



This machine generates steam fast

One thing I was not so crazy about in the past when I had other facial steamers was that I had to wait for the steam to be produced for quite a while. Which brings me to the first thing I enjoy about this particular model. It takes only half a minute for the machine to start making steam! So, when I am ready to get my well deserved treatment, my machine is ready, too. And I am not talking about only a few droplets of mist, but about full blown steam that you use to cleanse your face. The particles produced are so fine that you will not feel like your face is just covered in water, like it happens with other models.

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What I use it for

I am putting on makeup almost every day, so it is very important for me to undergo proper cleansing regimen. The Kinga is really a savior for me in all that concerns how I now take care of my face. First of all, the steam helps my pores to open and get cleaned properly. All the dirt, oil and makeup remains that accumulate over an entire day are eliminated once I start using the steamer. All the dead cells go away and I have noticed that anything I put on after the treatment, be it toner or nourishing cream, gets absorbed fast and easy. The best part is that since I started using the Kinga, I no longer need to spend money on expensive scrubs.

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It doubles as a humidifier

I also use this facial steamer as a regular humidifier when the air inside my room drops to low humidity levels. As you may well know, dryness can cause your skin to age faster. Maintaining proper humidity levels in your home is essential for preventing early aging signs on your skin. I am more than pleased with my purchase, and I think having a personal facial steamer is really great.




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