Things you need to do to have glowy skin



If you feel that you lack glowy skin, you should do something about that. A supple, healthy, glowy skin is the mark of beauty and self-confidence. You’ll feel like that and people will treat you that way.

Good habits, exercising and a healthy diet are essential for a glowy skin, so try to follow some simple rules concerning them.

You’ll have to begin by monitoring the amount of water you drink in a day. If you don’t drink at least 6 glasses of water, it means you’re dehydrated, and that will make your skin scaly and dry. Drinking more water will give your body the ability to hydrate the skin and flush out the toxins.

Just in case you forget to drink enough water, carry a bottle with you. Replace caffeinated drinks or sweet fizzy drinks with herbal tea.

When it comes to diet, what you really need is healthy proteins and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Make sure your meals are composed in such a way that they include fish. The omega 3 fatty acids it contains are great for the skin.

I know not everyone likes to eat fish, but you can go for walnuts instead, or shrimp and Brazilian nuts that have selenium, the mineral that protects your skin from wrinkling, dryness or disease.

Get your share of vitamin C to prevent sun damage and help your pimples heal faster. Besides citrus fruits, you’ll find it in kiwis, papayas and, yes, broccoli.

The balanced nutrition isn’t only about feeding the skin with lots of good stuff, lack of fiber-rich vegetables, fruits or nuts will slow down your bowel movements and you’ll start feeling and looking tired, bloated and moody because you didn’t use the restroom.

One last tip for your eating habits: add less sugar and salt in your daily meals if you want to avoid acne problems and water retention.

Acne prevention is always better. If you feel like the problem got out of hand, you should ask your doctor about it, but if you’re trying to manage occasional inconveniences, there are a few hacks.

Change the pillowcase at least once a week, stop rubbing your face and chin with your hands, and don’t skip the beauty sleep. The pillowcase bacteria and the oil on your hands might be responsible for triggering the breakouts.

As for the beauty sleep, it will reduce anxiety, weariness, stress and stress-related disorders. I don’t remember seeing stressed out people with a healthy, glowing skin.

Physical activity should be on your list for staying fit and balancing your weight, instead of using miracle devices and pills. But it also works wonders on your complexion, as the increased blood flow will make your skin glow in a short time. You can reap long term benefits if you stick to it.

A good habit you should consider when it comes to healthy skin is washing your face before bedtime with short splashes and delicately pat dry.



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