How to take your camping experience to a whole new level


Camping is one of the challenges many accept in order to see if they could survive in nature. Even if you are one of Thoreau’s believers, or you just want to explore the wonders of Mother Nature, camping is definitely the answer.

While this may be a man versus nature challenge, we live in a world that’s so technologically advanced that we just can’t say no to some of our little gadgets. Be it a solar powered camera or grill, we sometimes want to take with us as much of the city life as we can.

Therefore, if you are one of those people – but someone who still wants to enjoy camping at its fullest -, here are some tips and tricks with the assistance of which you can take your camping experience to a whole new level.

Shower issues

If you like carrying a big, heavy backpack, then you may choose one of those nifty solar showers to accompany you on your camping trip. However, if you want to travel as light as possible, there’s one thing that can save you from jumping into the freezing river water.

Namely, wet wipes for athletes. Of course, we know that not every camper is an athlete, but you should stuff in your backpack a pack or two of wet wipes. Those that are labeled as for athletes are usually biodegradable – we do want to keep the environment clean -, hypoallergenic, and fragrance-free. Just the thing you needed for a clean wipe in the morning.

Moreover, if you run out of tinder, you can just let one of these wipes – or more – dry out, and then use them as firestarters. Basically, they keep you clean and warm when needed!


Not just a simple knife

If you decide to pack up just a simple knife with you, as soon as you set up camp you will find out that you are missing some tools that could have been useful on your trip.

This is why you should choose a multi-tool! These multi-tools usually pack up everything you would need during your days in the wilderness – from tweezers, nail clippers, and beer openers to toothpicks and many more.

Still, before throwing it into your backpack, we recommend you read the guides it comes equipped with, as it may lack one or two essential tools you might need when you are alone in nature. It’s camping, after all – you should be as prepared as possible in case something unfortunate happens.


Modern Cooking

Nowadays, you can easily find something that’s called a camp stove. However, there are plenty of options for you to choose from – and some of them are as light as 2 pounds and can also be used to charge your phone.

Wait! Charge your phone? Yes, indeed. There are some camp stoves out there that use the thermal energy generated by the fire inside them to power up and charge any device that has a USB port.

Some of them even have a grill that can be attached to them – providing you with just the kitchen you want while exploring the woods.