Why I Avoid Using Face Creams

There is clearly an entire industry making big bucks from torturing and terrorizing women into recognizing the first sign of aging from the very first fine wrinkle. Even women in their 20s are said to use an X number of face creams every day, like they could not live without them. I am personally against using any kind of face creams and I have very strong reasons not to.


You are loading your face with a magnet for grime

Seriously, no matter how great face creams may be, they are never 100% absorbed by your skin. That means that every day, when you are using day face creams, night face creams, moisturizers, eye skin creams and so on, you are just adding layer after layer that covers your skin. What does that mean? In a nutshell, you are covering all your pores and your face becomes a magnet for dust and grime. When you cleanse your face at the end of the day, what you see on your cotton wipes is exactly what your face was caked with for the entire day. If you don’t believe me, just run a small experiment and go a day without using any creams; cleanse at the end and see if there is not less disgusting dark stuff on your wipes.


You make your own skin lazy

When you are feeding your face skin with all kinds of chemicals and other ingredients that these creams are made from, you are offering a cane to someone who is not a cripple. Do you know what happens with a body that does not exercise? It goes flabby and unattractive, and that is exactly what happens to your skin, too. Given too much support in the form of all kinds of substances, your skin slows down and stops producing as much collagen or natural moisturizer. That is why you end up caught in a loop that forces you to use even more creams just to fight the aging process.


Good hygiene is better than any cream

This must be something I learned from my grandmother, as far as I can recall. Throughout my childhood, she had such a beautiful, glowing skin, even with all the wrinkles brought by age, that I thought I wanted to be like her when I grow old. She told me that good hygiene is better than anything else when it comes to caring for your face. She used to boil water, sparkle it with dry chamomile flowers and keep her face over it for 10-15 minutes. That was her secret. I personally got myself a facial steamer and I am getting the same results. My face is clean, glowing with health, and I have no intention to use any face creams.

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